Since Last Published

Oct 25 2015 2:57 PM

It has been over two years since I last published to Overanalyze. Lately I’ve considered what has happened in the interval.

I have changed greatly since my move. My politics have become much more liberal and progressive. Many conservative or Christian positions I have referenced in the past have been totally reconsidered or turned on their heads. Some were never very natural to me. I’ve slowly walked away from the trappings of Christianity, finding regrets and anger in my past there.

In February I wrote on Tumblr about the future of Overanalyze. The resolve was to go into the future without the burden of overthinking, perhaps keeping the name only as a reminder. Now I reconsider—it is still part of who I am, sometimes more than ever before. Perhaps I must accept this for now.

There remains the question of privacy. Why did I start Overanalyze as a public project? Why did I want my tortured thoughts laid out for all to see? My theory is that during that time of extreme isolation and loneliness it was subconsciously a way to reach out to anyone who would listen.

I am finding increased value in short candid recordings of life, but I don’t desire to share most of these. They are too intimate.

Perhaps there will be an intersection between things I want to record and things I want to share with the world. Time will tell.