Lion fullscreen

Aug 06 2011 3:42 PM

I’m honestly very in love with OS X Lion’s new fullscreen mode. This is how fullscreen should be on a desktop OS. Eager for apps to support it.

The whole thing actually reminds me of an UI I imagined years ago where every window was maximized or in fullscreen and you could swap between them like how Linux multiple desktops or Mac’s Spaces have worked. I think I might have even tried it out on Windows using some virtual desktop app. It didn’t work out because I had to make and keep apps maximized manually.

Lion full screen is 1000% more elegant because each fullscreen app gets its own Space. This way, the fullscreen apps stay smoothly immersive but you can switch to another fullscreen app or desktop with just a swipe. And like everybody else is saying, this is for maximized screen space on notebooks.

So does this actually work? Yeah, pretty much. You do have more space and less clutter. You can smoothly switch to apps that aren’t in fullscreen. Given their own Space, apps that aren’t Lion enabled actually run very much the same. It’s not like Lion fullscreen is a revolution; just a welcome evolution.