Mac apps

Jun 21 2011 8:16 PM

After more than a month, these are some apps I use:

  • Adium for Google Talk
  • AppCleaner for uninstalling apps
  • Adobe Reader for downloading bank statements
  • Preview for other PDF viewing and detailed image viewing
  • Byword for writing stuff
  • Cyberduck for SFTP
  • GIMP as a backup image editing app
  • Google Chrome for a browser
  • iPhoto for photo management, of which I don’t do much
  • iTunes for playing music
  • JollysFastVNC for VNC access at work; still using the trial since I don’t use it much
  • KeePassX for managing passwords
  • Kod for some text editing
  • MPEG Streamclip for video conversion
  • Pixelmator for some image editing; I haven’t bought it yet
  • QuickTime Player with a serving of Perian for playing videos and audio files
  • Reeder for reading feeds
  • Seashore for some image editing; it uses GIMP behind the scenes
  • Skype for audio, video, and text chat
  • Sparrow for email; I’ll man up and spend $10 on the ad-free version some time
  • Time Machine for backup
  • Transmission for torrents; I was using uTorrent, but I switched for the peer block feature
  • TrueCrypt for locking up sensitive files
  • An unofficial build of MacFUSE for 64-bit OS X from offTheHill; this means I can actually use TrueCrypt
  • VirtualBox for Windows and Linux virtual machines
  • VLC for miscellaneous file playback
  • XLD for audio conversion