Apple Macintosh Laptop

Apr 18 2011 5:09 PM

Yes, we love our Macs
Or else we’d scribble notes on paper sacks
‘Cause we believe in having rights
They’ve got lots ‘o’ gig-o-bytes

We set it on our desk
Plug in our Apple Airport Express
Without them, we wouldn’t know what to do
Since it’s true, we always know what’s new and what to do

Download songs to my Apple iPod
With it, I ain’t no clod
My Mac is like a brother to me
Now the true view of life I see

The idea of Windows XP is way too deep
And besides, Mac is way more cheap.
Longhorn wouldn’t even come close
When it comes to Mac, you get a double dose

Apple makes a lot of stuff But the Mac is their best, sure enough
Mac is really superior
Linux doesn’t even come near

The power of Mac is incredible
But I wouldn’t say XP is dependable.
Another thing: it doesn’t take up so much room
So, in light of this, it’s surely Windows’ doom

I wrote this years ago. Probably as satire.