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James Shelley

May-29-2011 4:20 PM

portrait of James Shelley

James Shelley thinks lucidly about the life we live. Always enjoyable.

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Challenge yourself, follow his blog. Think about how you live.

Bedtime music

May-23-2011 5:39 PM

Les Océans d’un Passé Lointain

Les Océans d’un Passé Lointain.

That’s Implex Grace’s newest set and it’s been playing by my bed in the last week. I’ve thought it’d be nice to play music at night instead of just FM white noise but didn’t want to mess around with hooking up my laptop and setting it to turn off after a while. I finally realized I could just hook up my Sansa and que music for however long I want.

Another relaxing ambient track is Christopher Bissonnette’s remix of Heartbeat. Good stuff.

Can’t forget some angsty Brand New several days back.


May-14-2011 7:54 PM

Look what came in Thursday.

2011 MacBook Pro 13"

Been doing some actual work today—cutting a video for a graduation slideshow. iMovie rocks.

Do the Work is still free

May-03-2011 7:14 PM

cover of Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

GE’s sponsorship of Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work continues, so get the Kindle version free now. Really, do it if you’re the slightest bit creative. It’s a really good kick in the pants. An encouraging kick, that is.