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An Explanation

Jan-30-2011 10:48 PM

I’ve come to the realization that I need a place to publish my thoughts all to my own. This is it.

When I go to bed at night, my mind is often alive and continually hammering away, thinking, trying to solve problems. Analyzing stuff, or trying to. It’s a terrible feeling. Really wish I could trade it for the morning sleeepiness.

I’m also working with another problem. For the last few years, I’ve kept most of my thoughts inside my head, not told a soul. This is called internalizing, and it’s bad for you. I’m working on reversing the habit. Fortunately, I have some close friends now that I’m very grateful for. Additionally, I hope I’ll be posting more open and honest thoughts here.

So this is my outlet for all that analyzation, a personal blog exactly how I like it. I’ve had thoughts of this for some time, but last night I finally decided to do it. I think all these web designer personal blogs I’m subscribed to made me hungry for my own site.

For now I’m using, with a few tweaks, the Manifest theme that I found on James Shelley. I’m working on building a simple WordPress theme for myself based on a barebones starter theme. I’ll start posting here right away, though. The floodgates have held long enough.

I also co-write a blog I started with Matthew Hurley—a broken mold. We’ll see what happens to it. I may still post there and link to some posts here, too. I feel somewhat guilty when not much posting gets done there, but I’ve come to see that’s the wrong way to think of it. Really, it’s an inexpensive venture started for fun. If it fades away, so be it. We tried something.